Packing and labelling became a very important aspect over the years.
Good packing reduces shipping costs.
Standard units save time.
EAN codes make things easier for the shops.
And an attractive product presentation increases sells of course.

AQUADECO delivers to wholesalers and retailers in many countries.
We try to save as much costs as possible for our customers by different flexible ways of packing.


- Bulk packed in Big-Bags, wooden crates, or on pallets
- Wire pallets ( 80×80 cm, or 120×100 cm )
- Karton boxes ( 25 kg ) or sacks ( mostly 20 kg )


For larger shops, we developed a wire-pallet which can be divided in up to 4 parts.
On a place of only 80 x 80 cm four different types of rocks can be presented now in a very attractive way, completely reduced to the products.
It is up to the customer which rocks he wants us to fill in the different quarters.

For shelve presentation we recommend decorative wooden boxes. Each box can take 2 x 25 kg.


All AQUADECO products can be delivered with EAN Code label.
For items, sold by piece, every piece has a stick- or a hang-label, showing product name and EAN-Code.
When sold by weight the label shows the single weight of the piece in additional.


All item are shipped from our warehouse in DE-59379 Selm.
Some countries can be served with our own trucks; if not we ship out by other carriers.
Shipping by other carriers can be arranged by AQUADECO, or by our customers.
Full container shipments can be offered from our warehouse ( for mixed containers ), or directly from the places of origin.